Saturday, 11 August 2012

Talking About Those Little Inches!

 I was talking to Joyce (Moonrose) and lots of other lovely ladies about inches last night and what we did with them, well here is a few of mine!
My tin of starter inches is above!
A card.
 This canvas was inspired by someone in Somerset Studio a good few years ago I am sorry but I can't remember who or what issue but it was great fun to do and one of my first 'messy' art pieces I ever did!
Another canvas (these are so high up on a shelf I couldn't get them down and I dare not climb to get them), the bird house and the photo album have inches on too!
 I used to belong to an inchie swap group, we would swap 4 every month I made this little book to keep them in.

This is the inside of the book the 'pages' are folded acetate (I wanted to see who had sent them to me).
So that is a small collection of some of my inchies!
Thanks for looking!
(Don't know what happened to that picture not being lined up with the others, couldn't make it go back so it is staying where it is!)

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happyDiane said...

You have so many clever projects with the inchies. The little book with folded acetate, is very clever.