Thursday, 23 February 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge Cuba

This weeks postcard is a watercolour on watercolour paper.

The story continues.

Lavinia is still in Wales on holiday visiting her in laws.

Gil is on a beach in Cuba on his afternoon off from painting another wealthy family introduced to him by one of the family he met in Brazil.
He watercoloured this view for Lavinia, the beach was deserted, he felt a little lonely.
On the back he wrote,

Dear Lavinia,
                   I love your sketch! Thank you! I have framed it in a board frame (no good putting it in a glass one with all the traveling) it will come with me where ever I go so I can think of you each and every time I look at it!
There is only one thing I would like more, that is a photograph of you.
I hope your holiday is restful! I can not wait for you to return home so you can reply to my postcards! I miss your letters!
P.S. I am in Cuba. Another family portrait, (friends of the other family I painted in china). As you can see it is a beautiful place. I am all alone on this beach thinking of you in Wales.

Gil XX

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge. Wales

Lavinia is in Wales this week!
The 'sketch' is hand drawn onto water colour paper with charcoal pencil. The photo is from the net.
The story continues.

Lavinia’s letter to Gil.

      I am on holiday in Wales, visiting my husband’s family, I thought I had better let you know as I am staying a month and will not get any of the postcards you may send until I get home in 4 weeks time.
I hope I am right that you would be back in Dijon for your Art Sale.
I can not give you my address here as my husbands family would not understand or approve.
I will miss your postcards while I am away!

P.S. ALL of those chocolates from Belgium were delicious!
PP.S I did try to draw the house I am staying at. As you can see artist I am not! Hence the photograph!
                                   L X

 Gil was sitting having breakfast outside the café in Dijon when the owner brought him the letter, he knew as soon as he saw that familiar handwriting that it was from Lavinia!
Unfolding the contents of the envelope he smiled. Lavinia had included a small charcoal sketch which he knew she had drawn after reading the P.S. Why did he always read the P.S. first? He did not know!
He read the rest of the letter with a bit of a heavy heart, he hoped she was not having a hard time with her in laws.

He would write to her every week so she had his postcards when she got home.

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge Belgium.

This weeks postcard is hand painted in water colour and prisma pencils.

Gil was sitting outside a small café in Antwerp, Belgium, having a morning coffee when the chocolate shop across the road caught his eye. He wandered over and peered inside, the aroma of the chocolate was incredible! He stood looking at all the delicious boxes and decided to purchase a box, the lady behind the counter wrapped it for him.
He sat back at the café table, ordered more coffee and sketched a postcard for Lavinia. He could still smell the chocolate as he painted and coloured his sketch.
He hoped Lavinia liked chocolates. Do all women like chocolates? He asked himself. Well everyone likes to be treated every once in a while, to feel special!

He wrote on the back’

Dear Lavinia,
                     I am in Antwerp, Belgium .My paintings are selling well in Dijon so I am having a few days here before I work some more.  I visited The Royal Museum of Fine Arts yesterday, it is a magnificent place!
                                   Gil X

P.S. I wanted you to have a little pleasure from my good fortune too! Enjoy!
                                  Gil XX
He packed away his things, paid the bill and headed off to post the chocolates to Lavinia.

Lavinia was so happy to receive another postcard from Gil and even more pleased he had painted it himself! It was lovely to see where he was but even better to see the love of his art in her hands.
She wondered what he meant by his P.S.?

Lavinia had not had any more sleepless nights of heart wrenching dreams, she felt happy and light.

She wrote back,

                        Dear Gil,

                                     Thank you for your postcard! I love it when you paint them yourself, (or though it is nice to actually   see where you are too!) I too hope that one day you will come to London and see some of the amazing sights and galleries we have here too!


A little later that morning the doorbell rang and the postman handed her a package, she studied the handwriting, it was from Gil!
She opened it as carefully as her trembling hands would allow, inside was a beautiful box of chocolates and a small card, which simply said “Enjoy” Gil XX.
Mmmm she adored chocolates, she had not had such a beautiful box in a long time! She took one and flopped onto the sofa, popped it in her mouth, closed her eyes and let the chocolate melt, delicious!

Before she posted the note to Gil she added

P.S. Thank you SO much for the chocolates, they are delicious!
                             L X
She stuffed the note back in the envelope and almost floated to the post box!

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge. France

This week postcard is a picture I found from 1949 on the internet, I hand tinted it with Prisma colour pencils.
A bit of a cop out using a photo from the net but I have not had  a good week with my arthritic hands so this was better than not doing one at all.

Now continuing the story

 When Gil had finished the family portrait for the wealthy people he met in Brazil, he left China a very wealthy man! He wanted to get back to Europe and decided to stay in a small town called Dijon near Paris. He rented a couple of rooms over a lovely little café where he was woken up each morning to the smell of croissants and hot chocolate, which he treated himself to frequently!
The café also sold small gifts and postcards, there was one of the café so he brought one and sat to write to Lavinia.

Dear Lavinia,
                     I am now in Dijon, a small town just outside Paris France! Not far from your lovely London! The picture on the front is the café below where I am staying. There is a small balcony where I can sit, draw and watch the world go by! Across the road you can see the small art gallery where I have some of my paintings for sale!
I missed you not sending me a reply. I hope you are well and I have not offended you or your family somehow!

Gil X

He added his present address in hope she would reply.
It was just a short walk to the post box before he set off to display his artwork in the small gallery over the road from his rooms.
He really hoped he had not upset Lavinia, he would be unhappy if they could not carry on writing to each other.

Another postcard arrived from Gil. Lavinia read and reread the words over and over, she had upset Gil by not replying to his last postcard.
She felt guilty for hurting him and guilty towards her husbands memory. She thought of her husband, they had been so happy together, would he want her to be happy? Yes of course he would! Would he mind so much if she just wrote to someone who she found intriguing? No he wouldn’t mind.  She pondered what to do over a pot of tea and decided to write a note to Gil.

Dear Mr Brockman,
                              I am sorry for not replying to your last postcard. I feel somewhat guilty in finding pleasure in receiving and reading your postcards, I am sure I will get over it! I am also envious of all the beautiful places you are travelling to.
Please do not stop sending them though!

Lavinia Loveday.

She put the note in an envelope and addressed it, when she went out for a walk later she would post it she thought with a smile on her lips.
That night she had a restless night, she dreamed of her late husband. He was trying to tell her something, Lavinia woke up in a terrible state. She tried to remember the dream but she could only see Anthony’s face smiling  then frowning at her.
Had she done the right thing in sending Gil the note?
It was too late now it was already on it’s way!

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