Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Re-vamped Room

My Blog is 4 Years Old Today!
Happy Birthday Lulabelles Place!

Two weekends ago Hubs made my desk deeper as I only had about a six inch square to play in! So now I have so much more room to mess up! As you can see it is not completely tidy but I got a little distracted! The layout of the desk is basically the same as before as it worked well for me.
 When there is nothing in the space that should be clear there is now room for my paper trimmer to fit properly when I need it!
This is the Welsh Dresser to the right, all the jars have little finds in them (buttons, flowers, charms.eyelets etc) it also holds some of the things I have made. The white basket is 3 tiered and holds all my sorted out (wound onto card or if too small in bags) ribbons and lace.
 Around the corner is a trolley with my CD/DVD player, on the wall is my printers tray which I am trying to fill with small art pieces, my postcard from Dyan Reavely and my All About You from Dede, (which I have to confess is not in a frame at the moment cos it had a little accident and now needs a new one) thank goodness it didn't get harmed!
 Other side of the door is more storage and cupboards,
 with more boxes on top!
next is more, turn the corner and there is the window (which I have no photo for as my battery ran out)
Under the window is another trolley with dies in boxes and two baskets of bits (bits of paper to good to throw away etc)
So there it is my little haven where I create!
Thanks for looking!


happyDiane said...

Such a delightful room!! Looks like you will be able to spend hours creating in it!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

wish my fellah was handy, would have to do it myself if i wanted to do that!

Minxy said...

Thanks for the little tour round your room, it's great when you get a bit more space, problem is it fills up so quick lol