Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hanging book with some of the flowers I make

The book is made from an antimacassar found in a charity shop with some of the flowers I made (now with centres) I used a hot glue gun to attach everything.

Chandeliers from the car boot

These chandeliers were in a sorry state when I got them but I saw passed the grime and they were pretty dirty, hubs did give me a look when I said I wanted them but when the lady said she only wanted £1 for the pair well I just had to have them (and they are glass drops and later found a label saying Laura Ashley, so I was very pleased)
After I had washed them I took all the drops off and turned them up the other way so they sat on the table then re attached the glass drops, they look so pretty on the table with a battery tea light in them.

Lampshade from the car boot

Got this chandelier for £2 at the car boot, wanted it just for the drops.
Took a long time and I had really sore fingers from taking all these off.
But it was so worth it.

Drops from the lampshade

The acrylic drops were great to put tissue paper behind, they look great in real life, they were so hard to photograph though.
I also added some small stickers to the front of the drops which really made then 3d, great effect.

An angel

My angel started life as an egg cup, some corks, some clay moulded pieces, some beads and chains and a little crochet lace.
The clay pieces were painted, the corks glued to the wire egg cup these were covered with beads to disguise them.

A few things I have been making in the year I have neglected my blog

I love making flowers. I don't put the centres in the middle until they go on a project that way I can choose colour, type of centre to go with what I am creating.

OMGoodness I can not believe it has been nearly a year!

OMGoodness has it really been nearly a year since I blogged? How did that happen? I am so ashamed for neglecting it! My blog will be 5yrs old on 8th August!
I will blog more, I will blog more!