Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sundays Car Boot Finds.

 I fell in love with this stamp set as soon as I saw it! It is a pre-decimal shop stamp set in a wooden box with all the upper and lower case alphabet and numbers and shop related words like bargain, each, per quarter etc!
I also got some hand made Bedfordshire lace (which just happens to be where I was born) all beautiful!
 Two rusty keys!
Some printers blocks, not a full set but never mind!
 Some hexagonal knobs (which I have an idea for already)!
And this sweet little shelf/drawers Which I forgot to take a before photo of before I attacked it!
It is now painted duck egg blue.
With paper on the drawer fronts,
and on the top!
I cant wait til it is up on the wall holding all my little tools that I seem to put down and loose so now they will have a place!
Thanks for looking!


Deborah said...

Wow! Car boots must be fantastic round your way - a lovely haul. Especially those stamps.

Ann B said...

If I had known you could get beauties like these at car boot sales you would never get me away - fabulous finds.

Gina Shillitani said...

What great finds! Are boot sales something like garage sales here? Where people sell their old stuff in front of their houses?

sam21ski said...

Blimey you had some good boot sales near you, I NEVER find anything like what you've got - magic!!!

Sam xxx

Minxy said...

What a cool selection of goodies x I miss going to boot sales, can't wait till I can drive then there will be no stopping me

Gaby Bee said...

What a great stash of goodies!!! Nothing makes me more thrilled than a good find. I think I have enough found object supplies on hand for a lifetime but the search is so much fun! Enjoy!