Wednesday, 30 June 2010

WOYWW wk55

It's Wednesday! Wow these weeks are flying by! On my desk this week is the remainder of my 'scraps' of metal and a little metal project I am working on and my TSS tools, (which were in a big folder storage thingy but I have now put them in a pink pen holder) which is much better. Now they are used more.

These are the shelves above my desk, I think I need to change around some of these things are a few years old now. Mmmm maybe next week!
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Friday, 25 June 2010

I wanted to have a go at using 'Tyvek', well I didn't have any and didn't know where to get some so I improvised. (Not sure if this is the same thing as Tyvek but I used a piece of those white decorators overalls ( I got mine from a 99p store), it was quite thin so it didn't need much heat!)
The material was sprayed with Adirondak sprays to colour it first.
The background is coloured with distress inks and stamped (Paper Artsy), the material was attached to the card with double sided tape and then I heated it.
I liked the way I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen, where it was going to shrivel up and what it was going to look like when finished!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I was inspired to make this mirror after watching Cheryl and Megan on this weeks Tacco Tuesday video on TSS.
It used every piece of 'scrap' metal I owned!
After placing each 'scrap' onto the mirror with humungo tape, I went around each piece with a TSS wheel it made it look like it was stitched (close up), then I sanded the whole thing and everything 'popped'.
It was great fun to make and I used all those bits I just didn't know what to do with!
This is what is above the two trollies! It gets changed/added to every now and then. (I couldn't get the whole thing in one photo, there isn't a big enough gap between this side and my desk opposite, there is just enough room to sit and swing the chair around if I need something behind me!).
Don't forget to show you workdesk/space!

It's Wednesday!

It's Wednesday, so it's WOYWW. Here is the link to see all the others
Well my desk doesn't really look any different from last week, so I'm going to show you 'the other side' of my room. As you can see it is not as tidy as my desk! So much stuff it is all piled on top of other stuff! Magazines, tissue, things waiting to be altered, generally anything that doesn't 'fit' anywhere else goes on the trolly in the corner.

The kitchen trolly has my guilitine on the top, the drawer has Tims dies for my Big Shot (need to find another place for them though as I can close the drawer), the wire baskets have tools (mini drill, scissors, screwdriver), light bulbs and extra cut and dry. The bottom shelf has aa Art bin or two with my favourite papers in, (mostly Tims and 7 gypsies).

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

VERY colourful!!!

This is the tissue (I used it to cover the things on my desk) after I had finished being very 'messy' yesterday and why my desk is tidy today for WOYWW.
And these are what I made with it! Well I wasn't going to waste it!!!


It's Wednesday, so it's WOYWW! Here My desk is quite tidy for once (only cos I had a very messy day yesterday with Cosmic Shimmer sprays and had to clear it up)! So I'm ready for some more playing! (and in a space slightly larger than 6''x6'' Yay!!!)
Last week I showed what was to the right of my desk, this is what is on the left! More drawers from Ikea which have stamps and inkpads stored in them and on the to are lots of glass jars and pots which I keep some of my embelishments in.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lots of metal.

I'm having fun with metal this week.
This frame from LB crafts was just naked wood a couple of hours ago.
I made a template of the top of the frame by placing a piece of paper over the top and rubbing a crayon over it to get the outline, this I transfered to the metal. The top was done seperately.
All the decoration was done before I cut it out. The swirly patern is a stamp which I then traced over with the pointy refining tool (TSS), on the edges I used a wheel (TSS). This was then sanded apart from the top part which I hand swirled and left unsanded
The edges I painted with black gesso.
The back was then covered with Humungo tape and cut out then adhered to the frame. I made sure the edges of the metal were really stuck down well.
Then I coloured some embelishments with black Stazon and adhered them with glossy accents.

Before And After

TSS metal through the Big Shot in a Cuttlebug folder, the edges where tooled with a couple of TSS wheels then adhered to a cd tin with Humungo tape. The metal was then sanded.

This is my tin all finished.

Lots of colours of Cosmic Shimmer sprays, over stamped with Paper Artsy stamp in black archival. And a metal embelishment stamped with another Paper Artsy stamp from the same plate.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Little Bird House.

I have had this little robin for at least 20 years, I thought he should have a little house!
The house came 'naked' from LB Crafts when I went a few weeks ago.
Firstly it was painted with Claudine H paint in red, then when dry distress crackle paint in rock candy, allowing this to air dry and then I applied vintage photo distress ink with cut and dry.
The roof is metal (TSS) which I hand decorated. and then stuck to the roof with very strong tape.
The flower around the door is from Prima and cut to fit the hole.
The robin is attached with silicon glue, his crown (Tims die) is grunge paper coloured in Viva Inca Gold.

Another tag.

The background card (co-ordinations black on one side off white on the other) went through the Big Shot in a Cuttle bug folder. The sanded.
The bird and cage (Tims die) was cut out of some serendipidy paper I made (lots of 'bits' of left over paterned paper, card, fantasy film, infact anything thats left over glued to a background card), the crown (Tims die) a piece of silver metal (the 'jewels' coloured with a red sakura pen).
The were arranged on the tag and an Adage (Tims)ticket was added.


The background is Appletini metal (TSS) run through the Big Shot in a Cuttlebug embossing folder, then embossed with an alphabet mold (TSS) and then sanded.
Over the bottom third of the metal I slathered on some Viva Terra in sandstone and stamped into this.
Let this dry. Then I spritzed the Terra with some Cosmic Shimmers (the nearest colour to the metal I had) dry with a heat gun (being careful the Terra doesn't bubble).
The flower was made from Tims die (smallest and next size up) in some thin card I had spritzed in the same colour Cosmic Shimmer as before.
This was then backed with a card tag.
The beads are wooden and coloured with Viva Inca Gold paint.And attatched with wire (twiddled on a paintbrush) through the whole in the tag.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


OK this is my first time of blogging WOYWW so be gentle with me!!
My desk is not usually this tidy, I'm lucky to have a 6'' square to work in most of the time but I did clear it because I wanted to work on something that needed more room!
All the tools (paintbrushes, crayons, mini misters) are within easy reach in cups and pots. A bottle of water (not to drink, to wash brushes in, I don't have running water near my room)
On the back of my desk there is some small cubes acting as display shelves while I decide what to do with them, a cd shelving unit (picked up at a carboot sale for a couple of quid!) which all my paint dabbers perfect pearls, ink pads (just archival, stazon all the rest are in drawers to the left of my desk) and some Ikea drawers full of glue, masks, more pens and a few stamps that won't fit in the other drawers where all the others are!
The bird tin is a project not yet finished and the brown mess to the left is going to be a canvas for my Hubbys birthday.
So there it is, my desk!

Friday, 4 June 2010


This is my tag using the techniques I learnt on Sunday at LB crafts.
The tag was coloured with distress inks (barn door, wild honey and rusty hinge) spritzed with Crafty Notions matte white spray, over stamped (Paper Artsy) with black Archival and gold dabber. The rose was made from the second smallest flower on Tims tattered florals die.

Sunday at LB Crafts

On Sunday I went to LB, Lin and Linda were doing free demos, it was fantastic!

I learnt a great technique using distress inks and Crafty Notions colour spray Matte White.

Spray the colour spray on after applying the inks and leave it to 'sink' in and it makes the inks look dreamy, misty and softer.

The bird (Paper Artsy) is the same green as the one bottom right without the spray on! I think it shows quite well the difference the white spray makes!

Of course I had a little shop while I was there (it would be rude not to). So a lovely Paper Artsy stamp plate, the white spray, some more TSS tools (wire brush and loads of decorative wheels), some yummy Inca gold paints from Viva (so thick and creamy) some viva terra paint and lots of other things too and I also got a very full goody bag with some very lovely things in it!!! (which is at the top of the post cos thats where blogger put it!!!)