Friday, 30 March 2012

This weeks Postcard from Turkey.

 This weeks postcard is Aquatone pencils for the background and prismacolor pencils over the top.

Gil is in Turkey this week. He is painting another portrait for another family.
 While wandering around the local market on an afternoon off Gil comes across lots of glass beads, all blue, white and yellow, Gill found out that it is tradition to give the gift of a Boncuk (an evil eye bead) as they ward off evil and bring luck to those who own it.
He brought one for Lavinia.
Then he set to work on his postcard for her. On the back he wrote.

Darling Lavinia,
                           I am In Turkey painting another family portrait.
I was wondering around the local market this afternoon and I saw a great deal of these glass beads, they are said to ‘ward off evil and keep you safe’ so I could not resist and just had to get one for you. Keep it with you until I can be there with you!
                             Your Gil XXX

 He went back to the house he was staying at to wrap the glass bead and address an envelope, then went to post it.

The post plopped onto the mat. Lavinia had been waiting for it as she did every morning until Gils postcard arrived for that week! Looking down she saw there was no brightly coloured postcard among the letters, she sighed, maybe tomorrow she thought as she gathered up the letters, flicking through them she saw Gils handwriting, not a postcard but a letter! Her heart flipped as she tore open the envelope, inside was one of  the brightly coloured postcards Lavinia had been hoping for! Also inside was a small package wrapped in a piece of silk and tied with a thin ribbon, she opened it carefully. Inside there was a flat glass bead the same as what was on the front of Gils postcard.
She read what he had written.
She would of course do as Gil asked and keep it with her at all times, it would be like a piece of Gil with her always!
She made a small drawstring bag from the silk and ribbon and attached it to her undergarments, close to her heart, it was a comfort to her, every night she slipped it under her pillow after she had kissed it and said ‘goodnight’ to Gil.

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Glenys said...

Oh to get a wonderful is that!! Great Postcard

WrightStuff said...

Ooh the romance is truly blossoming. I am so happy for them!

Janet said...

I was almost sobbing with emotion as I read your last paragraph! Great idea to send a charm - perhaps there are evil spirits lurking..... Super postcard. You have reminded me of a pair of earrings my daughter bought for me when she was very small after a holiday.

Janet xx

Sid said...

Very lovely colours !!

Jamie Lynn said...

love it, circles & warding away the evil! I used these same colors on my coffee cup'age <3

gottahavemoxie said...

You are doing such an amzing job with your story. I love all the little details. And the idea of the beads is brilliant. I really like how you presented them in your card.

mags21 said...

great postcard. lovely story.

lorig said...

Wonderful installment to the story. I missed last week and had to go back to read it before I continued.

Darcy said...

ohh I love those beads, she has fallen for him in a big way I think to keep it that close to her.

craftattack said...

Beautiful card, love the eyes! Vaerie

serendipity said...

Aww so sweet

Sandra Hoogland said...

Ahw, só sweet... I hope they get to meet soon! Or would he be less nice in person? Let's see what the future brings, starting with next weeks postcard!!! :)

Jen said...

How romantic, wonderful story and postcard. Love it.
Jen x