Thursday, 5 July 2012

Car Boot Finds!

 On one of my rare outings out to our local Sunday car boot sales I found all these flowers in a large cardboard box, I was having a rummage, asked 'how much?' (thinking I might get a few for a quid), the lady said 'You can have the lot for £1' well I nearly fell over! I paid my pound, feeling very chuffed!
Next I found a book (50p) which had great pics of old medicine bottles and packets in, the wooden box 20p, a little later the Cuttlebug folder (small dots) £1 and a bag of glitter glue, liquid pearls and a pot of ice glittery stuff for £2, the peacock feathers were just £1! I was very please with my finds!

I am working on a mini album so some of the flowers will be sprayed to put on that, the feathers I wanted for a project I am working on with G45 The Old Curiosity Shoppe papers and I have something in mind for the wooden box too so lots to do!
When I have completed them I will blog them here!

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Minxy said...

WOW You did have a good day didn't you, lucky gal, enjoy playing with your goodies x