Friday, 16 March 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge The Netherlands.

This weeks postcard comes from The Netherlands.
Gil decided to recreate Johannes Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring using Aquatone pencils as a base and Prisma's and Karisma's for the detail.

Gil arrived in The Hague in the Netherlands at the beginning of the week he knew Lavinia was going home, he set to work on her postcard straight away. He wanted it to get there before she arrived home.
As he sat painting, he daydreamed of meeting her one day (which he hoped would be soon). He wondered if she would send him a photograph.
He wrote.

Dear Lavinia,
                      Hope you are home and relaxed from your trip! I have missed your letters (please don’t let it be too long before I receive one).
I am in The Hague in the Netherlands (staying at yet another boarding house), I have an exhibition in the town, please wish me luck!

                                      Yours Gil XXX

P.S. Please read my postcards, especially the first one.

He wanted her to send him a photograph but he didn’t want to write it on every postcard.

Lavinia arrived home to a mat full of postcards and letters. She picked them up and tossed the letters on the hall table, they could wait. The postcards she kept in her pocket while she made a pot of tea, she sank into her favourite chair, took the postcards out of her pocket and looked at them lovingly, she felt kind of light headed and breathless as she arranged them so she could read them in order.
Gils postcards made her feel warm and cosy and ‘hugged’ as though two strong arms were around her, holding her.
She sipped her tea and read and re read the cards a few times, Gil wanted a photograph of her, she had had one taken in Wales the first week she was there she would send him that one.
She started her reply.

       Thank you for all the beautiful postcards that were waiting for me! They made me smile!
I hope your family are recovering from the terrible outbreak of Polio and you Mother is able to stop worrying so much.
I am so glad you did not go to Canada, I could not bear it if you got ill!
Thank you for the ‘roses’ I love the vibrant colours and the girl is so beautiful!
I wish you well in your exhibition and send you all the luck I can!

                                      Lavinia XX

P.S. I have enclosed a photograph of myself, it was taken just a few weeks ago in Wales.                        
                                     Lavinia X

This photograph is of my beautiful Mum taken in the 1940's.

Thank you for looking and commenting, if you want to see more postcards go to Darcy's blog.


miniroses said...

The girl with the pearl earring is wonderful and your mom's pic is gorgeous! Keep that story coming!

mags21 said...

what a beautiful postcard..the story is great. so well written.looking forward to next week..

Janet said...

Wonderful postcard and a very interesting story. Artwork is gorgeous.

Janet xx

Maria said...

I love your postcard Lynn, really beautiful! Maria xx

Jen said...

Loving the story and your art work on the postcard is super. Your Mum's photo is beautiful.
Jen x

lorig said...

Great artwork and the story continues to be interesting. Love the period photo to go with the story.

abby j said...

Beautiful sketch...well done!

Glenys said...

Lovely story! And that Vermeer painting is always a favourite.
Well done

Darcy said...

wow you really did a great job on your card, i love that you included a photo of your Mum, such a lovely way to bring in a bit of your own life.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

Such a fun challenge that I just jumped into. Your postcards are so great. I just got caught up with your story. And thanks for popping over to see my beginning.

NatashaMay said...

Gorgeous postcard! I can't believe I didn't think of that. I've done that painting before. :)

Fotojoy/Joyce said...

Love how you "Girl with the Pearl Earring" turned out!!!Your What a great capture of your gorgeous Mother.

Leialoha said...

Lavinia is beautiful!!! love this photo of your Mum...lovely colors and feeling in this carte postal...Aloha.

Sandra Hoogland said...

Your girl is wonderful! Oh, and I love the precious photo of your mom!!! ♥

gottahavemoxie said...

Beautiful card. I loved your description of Lavinia sitting in her chair to read her postcards, so sweet. Beautiful picture of your Mom.

Gina said...

Love , love love this post!!! :D

craftattack said...

Lovely card! Greta idea to use the photo of your Mum! Valerie

Jamie Lynn said...

oh wow I love her <3

Joanna said...

Well done for tackling a Vermeer! She looks great.

Catie Cuddles said...

Wonderful depiction of the girl with the pearl earring. And isn't your umma and beauty!