Friday, 9 March 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge. Canada

This weeks postcard should come from Canada. In 1949 there was a Polio outbreak 11,000 people were left paralysed between 1949-1954.

Gil was going to Canada this week but on receiving a letter from the family he was going to be visiting he had been advised not to go. The area he was going to go to had been hit by the Polio epidemic and one of the family had been taken ill.
So for the time being Gil is staying at his parents home in Bordeaux France.

Lavinia is still in Wales with her inlaws.

So for this week Gil is sending Lavinia a letter.

Dear Lavinia,

                   I am in Bordeaux, France at my parents home. I was going to visit my Aunt (Mother's sister) and her family in Canada but there is an outbreak of Polio there and I have been advised to stay away. My poor Mother is out of her mind with worry as you can imagine.
When will you be home? Is it next week? I am missing your letters!

                                                               Gil XXX

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Janet said...

Never knew about the polio epidemic. I am learning such a great deal on this challenge. Nice flag.

Janet xx

Sandra Hoogland said...

Ah smart! Guess you didn't have much time for crafting this week? ;)

Jamie Lynn said...

Lovely postcard...the polio was a horrible thing, my grandfather had it & later had his "useless" leg removed, my BBF's mother had it & wore braces & crutches, & my husbands uncle had it but recovered fairly well - just a slight gimp.

But I love the postcard & glad for the reminder of being grateful for Polio Vaccine.

Gina said...

Didn't know about the Polio awful for them! Gil did right to stay away.
It's hard to think of that crippling illness these days. I was at school with a boy who was deformed by it, but kids nowadays have no idea about it :) XXX

Alison xx said...

I love all the extra info we are getting to find out each week. Poor Gil no travels for him this week. A xx

Leialoha said...

FAB how you added the Canadian polio outbreak history with the storyline so that Gil could stay safe...and what's not to love about staying a few extra days in Bordeaux. aloha

mags21 said...

Thanks for info. didnt know about that.

lorig said...

I too am waiting for her return letters. Glad Gil did not venture over with the polio outbreak happening.

NatashaMay said...

Great flag postcard! :)

Jen said...

Learning all the time. Seeing the flag has me singing the national anthem now!!
Jen x