Thursday, 20 May 2010

Little Black Box

I might not have blogged over the last 9 months but I have been creating!
This was a plain wooden box I got from a friend who said 'can you do something with this?'
So after painting the whole box black inside and out, I stamped the dragonfly (Stampers Anonymous) onto a piece of silver metal (ten second studio) with black Archival and dried with a heatgun. I then traced over all the outline. to 'puff' out the wings and body turn the piece over and using a paper stump gently rub over the area until the required puffiness has been reached.
As it was just a small area I had puffed I filled it with silicon, bigger areas need lightweight filler.
Then I covered the whole piece with black paint and buffed off.
The back was left to dry completely before adhering to the box with a strong double sided sheet of sticky tape.


Heavenly Anarchist said...

How gorgeous is this!

Angelnorth said...

You've added some lovely stuff to your blog - this one's my favourite, love the way the dragonfly looks in metal (but I do have a bit of a thing about dragonflies!)