Thursday, 20 May 2010

Is There Any Hope?

Is there any hope?
This canvas was made when I was feeling really low one day. I scratched the words 'Is there any hope?' into the wax just at the bottom of the little girls feet. Not many people know that I have Agrophobia and I have not been out on my own for over 10 years! Sometimes I feel ok enough to go out with my husband but not always, so far this year I have been out 15 times which is a lot for me!
Anyway back to the canvas.
The little girl is a photocopy tranfered onto sticky tape. (She looks grumpy, just how I was feeling that day!Cos I wanted to be 'normal' and go to the classes lots of my forum friends were doing, I was so envious everyone was having so much fun!)The background is lots of paint, inks and paper, waxed, overstamped and gilded to within an inch of its life! The butterfly (La Blanche) is glittered with stickles and waxed.
Oh well maybe one day!


Heavenly Anarchist said...

(hugs) a thoughtful page, I know what it is like to be low - I have bipolar disorder. But the colours here give hope of something brighter.
Maybe one day the butterfly will take flight.

craftytrog said...

This is wonderful Louise! Hope you have many brighter days to come! xx

Angelnorth said...

A lovely collage piece even if the impulse to create it came from something on the dark side. Hope you get to fly with the butterfly sometime.

The Inky Minx said...

What a fab arty page, even if it has a slightly sad undertone..i hadn't realised about the ag-phobia, but i know all about being low having battled depression on and off for many years.. just stay creative and who knows one day those wings of yours may just expand and fly out into the world x