Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Car Boot Finds!

At our local car boot on Easter Monday I was lucky to find these things!
The Lotto is a complete set and was only 50p!
The tin is packed with wooden cotton reels, ribbon, buttons, cord, lace and a whole reel of white egg shell ribbon (which does the same as Tims ribbon ie takes ink and stays crinkled).
The round things are drawer/door handles (about 25 for £1).
And the book is beautiful! It is about the hand drawn/painted postcards/letters a grandad (Sir Henry Thornhill) has sent to his grandchildren from 1914 -1923, it has so many lovely pics in it, a bargain at £1!
Just need to make something with them now!
I'm not going to cut up the book by the way! (I had such a telling off from my 7yr old grandson when he saw what I had done to the othe book! (allthough he did say he liked what I had done, I had to make a pinky promise I would NOT cut this one up!) So I wouldn't dare, not that I was going to anyway!!!


Sherry Edwards said...

What fabulous finds! Especially the tin of cottons etc. LOL at your grandson x

Angelnorth said...

Fantastic finds, you obviously have a good class of boot sale round your way! Those lotto numbers would have cost you a fortune from one of the "big names" and the tin is definitely a good slice of nostalgia and ripe for altered project pieces - have fun and don't upset your grandson ;o)

Minxy said...

You lucky thing, some right bargains, wish there were more boot sales near me, i miss going.

Sid said...

Fab finds !!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh marvellous finds, and well done you for not heistating..I faff and can't decide and then go back too late. Arrgh. The binding tape is a lovely thing to have - I get mine from the Ribbon Girl, much less expensive than Th's!!

Shazsilverwolf said...

Oh wow! fabulous finds Shaz #112

okienurse said...

Busy looking desk. Love all the tags and things to play with. You really got some good bargins! Sorry I am late getting around this week but I haven't been feeling well this week! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #36