Monday, 17 January 2011

Weekly Journal Challenge.

This weeks journal challenge from Efemera on UK Stampers is School days. The 'recipe' for this week is 10 random things, use lined paper, add ink blots and doodle in the margin.
Well here is mine!
I did get that comment from some of the teachers, yes I did get ink spodges and smudges on my pages and yes I really did fall over during a fashion show wearing a very short pinafore dress I had made and yes it was in front of the hottest boy in the school and yes I did go very red when he helped me up!
Those were the days!

This the front of my journal, it's not quite finished, its too 'clean' for me but I am sure it won't remain that way for much longer!!!

Here is last weeks. The Best and Worst gift. The 'recipe' recycled packaging, made background.

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Sid said...

Lovely and inventive pages !!