Monday, 24 January 2011

Weekly Journal Challenge. 4

This weeks Journal Challenge on UK Stampers Efemera set us the challenge of remembering the sweets we used to love when we were little, (such a long time ago!) The 'recipe' was 5 kinds of sweets, where we brought them and a wrapper (I didn't have one so I cheated).
Well the only stamping that went on this week was words around the edges, the title and the stamping of my feet when I was trying to remember the names of some of the sweets that I shared some happy moments with!
The Kalli Fish cut free hand from card I had painted as near to the colours as I remember and then applied rock candy over the top. When dry I used pencils to add details. The paper bag was also cut free hand.
The jar I cut from acetate, black card for the lid, the sherbet painted and just a smudge of glitter.
The Mo-Jo wrapper (I didn't have a REAL one so I made one from paper (I melted wax over it cos thats what the felt like).
The background paper is some HOTP paper from way back (baby I think, it has tiny hearts on it in pastel shades), after everything was adhered to it I went around the shapes with aqua colour pencils and a water brush, I also coloured over the 'sweets' in the same colours.

What sweets can you remember from your childhood? Did you have Kalli fish or Mo-Jo's? I think every body had rainbow sherbet, did you eat it by sticking your finger in the bag about a hundred times, leaving a lovely stained finger and a sore tongue when you had finished?
Can you remember Spangles, Sugar Mice, Opal Mints and when Starburst were called Opal Fruits and tasted oh so nicer than they do now?
Most of my sweets were brought on the way to or home from school from a lovely little shop called 'The Coffee Tavern' have no idea why it was called that though maybe it was a cafe before I went in there!
So many memories........ can you imagine how much 8 chews (which I got for 1 old penny) would cost these days?

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Sid said...

This is a fab page of sweet treats !!