Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Old Papers?

Over on UK Stampers we have been talking about our old papers, do we still like/stroke them or if we have some that we really would never use what would we do with them?
Above are some of my papers that I know I would not use as they are (not that there is any thing wrong with them) so I decided to 'alter' them and here is the results!

Here are the papers in the same order after they have been inked, spritzed and screwed up!
Much more useable for my taste.

Here are the tags I made from them. (Silly me didn't put them in the same order) The 1st is paper no 3, 2nd tag is no 2. 3rd tag is no 5.

The 4th tag is no 6 paper and the 5th tag is no 1 paper.
You may have noticed that there are only 5 tags and 6 papers well I had a little accident with paper no 4 I spilt a cup of tea all over my desk when the phone rang and made me jump and the tag got completely ruined! Oh well never mind I had a fun afternoon!


Minxy said...

That is such a cool idea, and they look amazing after your treatment :D

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

I agree that this makes them so much more usable, really gorgeous now.

Tinkertaylor said...

What a tranformation I love the new look, now wheres all my old papers ah yes at the bottom of the drawer!

Molly said...

What an amazing idea! I recently went through my papers of several years ago and bemoaned the fact that I had "wasted" all that money. You have now given me a new lease on old supplies!

okienurse said...

awesome. Love your new papers!

Sid said...

Fab stuff, and much more useable now !!

MaggieC said...

What a good idea to do up the old papers to use them now. I do have a nuber of papers that I will not use, still needing to stroke them and love them.

cardesque said...

brilliant use of some old paper and I was just going to give mine away, I might not now ;)


LuLu said...

Nice backgrounds! I love using old scrapbook paper. Thanks for sharing.

Please send me your email address - can't find it on your blog.