Saturday, 25 October 2008

'Never Quite Alone'
I think I feel a bit dark this week nearly everything I have made has a bit of 'darkness' about it. I think this is my favourite stamp at the moment, she just reminds me of me when I was young sitting on the grass making daisychains for hours 'lost in my own little world'. Although I was alone I never felt it, I had a 'little friend' who was always with me!
This canvas was covered with bright dabber colours and swirled with a babywipe, then I stamped images onto tissue and applied the main image and some trees to the dry canvas with Modge Podge, when this was dry I painted black acrylic with a baby wipe around the edges and when this was dry I put on the two faces over the black acrylic, this gave it a ghostly look.
Then the words 'Never Quite Alone' were stamped with versamark and clear embossed.

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Sid said...

Love this piece Lynn ! Very dark indeed.