Friday, 27 September 2013

My Dar Teddy

I made a Dar teddy! Have a look at Dar's teddy on her blog Artedar's Attic.
My teddy is made from recycled linen which I stamped with Tim Holtz stamps with black archival ink. I hand sewed all the pieces and stuffed with toy stuffing, added a bow and some button eyes (one is only loosely on) and a lace patch. It was easy to make, the hardest thing for me was sewing the arms, legs and patch on so that they looked like they had been pulled off and sewed back after being loved for so many years! A lovely little project to make!

Thanks for looking


Ladytruenorth said...

O isn't he the sweetest thing? I think Dar is an absolute sweetheart of a genius to share her pattern with us and of course, TIM would want one! Who wouldn't! YOURS is So goshdarn cute, it's a good thing you are over the seas my dear or your teddy would disappear.. Blessings!

Sid said...

Fab, love him !!

ArteDar said...

awww I LUB yours more then my own!! S P E C I A L yep.

Dana said...

I know I commented on him, must've been in twitterverse. LOVE him Lynn!! He is truly adorable xx