Monday, 10 November 2008

This is my grungy family book I am working on, the outside cover has been painted with gesso and lettuce acrylicand decorated with a silver book plate and corners. The pages inside have been made from seperate pieces of board covered in old printed pages from the book itself and painted. The photo's inside are of my Mum and Dad when they were very young some before they were married and some after by way before they had any of us kids.
This book is just for me really as I don't think any of my family would get why I would crumple and rip and scratch and paint on these precious memories (they are copies).
I haven't finish it yet but I won't be blogging it when it is fully finished because I intend to write about my family and thoughts and these words will be for my eyes only (for now anyway).
So where there are blank spaces will be the words I will add later.
The pages have 3 holes punched and eyeleted in them and they are wired to the spine and beads were added to embelish, then I addded a crystal in the middle and a heart at the bottom.

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Hazel said...

I really, really love your front cover- the colour and texture is gorgeous. Your family may not 'get it', but I do! Great work.