Monday, 11 August 2008

I've been experimenting! I've used fusible film with an iron and a stamp but I've not just zapped it with a heat gun before.

I cut about a 2 inch strip and folded it in half, put it on a heat resistant mat and just blasted it with my heat tool and it curled up around the edges and crinkled in the middle, perfect wing shaped, the 2 lower wing are just half the size.

I used Art Glitter Fantasy Film Sunkissed for this little fairies wings. (Sorry for the rubbish photo, I think someone has changed the settings on my camera, I knew I should have hidden it!) I also used Crafty Notins fusable film Calypso Blue which came out very cool (like petrol in a puddle) and Crystal pearl which I heated for longer and it looked like a milky semi-transparent opal.

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