Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My Autumn Table Display

Instead of making orange pumpkins I made cream ones thinking that my table decoration could stay there well after Halloween, infact it may stay until I put my Christmas decs up!
The pumpkins were made from a piece of new material I found at the car boot. Just a rectangle 2 1/2 times as long as it is high for eg: 7ins high X 17 1/2ins long (makes the smaller pumpkin) the bigger one measured 9ins X 22 1/2. So any size can be made.
Then with right sides together sew along the short edge, use a running stitch to gather up one of the ends, turn inside out and stuff (quite firmly) then gather up the other end, pull as tight as you can! To make the ridges attach thread to the top wrap around the pumpkin twice and pull as tight as you want and secure well, repeat twice more spacing out so you have 6 sections on your pumpkin, attach leaves and stalks.
I put my decoration on a table mat just so it would be easier to move it from the table without disturbing it too much!
These are a fun little thing to make they really don't take long to make (I made 5 in a couple of hours) and great to make with the kids!


Sid said...

Fab centre decoration, love your choice of colours too !!

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