Sunday, 25 August 2013

From this to this!

I got this frame one rainy Saturday at local car boot for £1 about a year ago. I thought one day I will do something with it and until yesterday it hung in our bedroom over a mirror that was too small for it! Then I had a great idea and set about painting it cream to go with my living room!

And this is how it turned out! With the addition of a wire heart notice board (also from a car boot for £1), I now have somewhere to put some family photos! I love it!

It was easy to attach the wire heart to the frame using homemade wire hook/eyes and a few screws! They were made for each other, (although the wire heart was only brought 2 weeks ago) they fitted together as if they were meant to be!
Thanks for looking!


Helen said...

wow, I love that! what a bargain, too. (two bargains, even!)

Clare with paint in her hair said...

thats gorgeous

Rein said...

Love this!