Friday, 20 January 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge Week 3 Brazil.

This weeks postcard comes from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
This postcard was hand sketched by me in pencil, coloured pencils and a little charcoal.

The story this week.

Gilbert Brockman sold a lot of his work in Valencia, so he decided to travel to Brazil by ship.
It took a long time but he wiled away the time by sketching and painting the other travellers on board. He earned enough money to take a few days off when he arrived in Rio de Janeiro, he wanted to see the statue Christ the Redeemer, he had heard it was the sight to see here, they were not wrong, he sat looking up at the statue sipping tea from the flask cup.
His thoughts turned to Lavinia, he did not know why every time he drank tea his thoughts wandered to the woman he didn’t even know.
He took his pencils and a small piece of paper and began to sketch the statue, when he had finished he turned it over and wrote to her.

Dear Lavinia

I am sitting outside having some tea, looking up at the most amazing statue Christ the Redeemer. It made me think of you,( the tea not the statue). I hope your husband doesn’t mind my postcards to you, please tell me to stop if he does!

Gil Brockman.

He  added to the bottom about not wanting to upset her husband, secretly he hoped she would write back saying it was fine for him to keep sending them.
He was finding this fun!

Lavinia hadn’t heard from ‘her artist man’ for a while. She found herself wondering about him frequently, every morning she felt a pang of excitement when she heard the postman only to be disappointed when he hadn’t sent her anything.
This particular morning she was having tea and toast before she departed for the library when the postman arrived.
She found herself almost skipping to the door to retrieve the post. Flicking through the bills and other letters she saw the postcard. On the front was a pencil drawing of a statue, on the other side was the familiar hand writing, her heart flipped, she felt like a giggly teenager!
She reprimanded herself  “Pull yourself  together girl” she said out loud.
But the smile on her face was a picture, she read the words, she would look for a book in the library about this statue in Rio de Janeiro.
But first she would reply!

This postcard is a 1945 image from on line.

Dear Gil

Your postcard is wonderful! It looks very peaceful there, not like London (which you can see from the picture is very busy!)
It is fine for you to send me your postcards, I look forward to receiving them, I am sure  Anthony wouldn’t mind at all!


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Right I'm off to see everyones postcards!

Thank you for all the wonderful comments you have left!


Gina said...

Love the contrast between the hand drawn image and the photograph :D
I am really enjoying the build up of their relationship too :D XXX

Alison xx said...

Beauiful sketch on your postcard. Great story developping between these two people. A xx

karen said...

Wow! This is amazing! The artwork on your postcard is fantastic and I didn't realize that you were also writing the story!! Well, now I am hooked on your story and can't wait til next weeks installment!
Keep up the good work!
xoxo Karen


I wonder what Anthony will say if he finds out? Lovely sketch :) I really enjoy your background story too :)

Jen said...

Great sketch. You describe her feelings so well am so enjoying reading your story.
Jen x

Janet said...

Super drawing of the statue. The story is interesting and I am looking forward to the next instalment!

Janet xx

Sandra Hoogland said...

Oh, he's not going to go after a married lady, is he? :)
Wonderful drawing! ♥ I was thinking about sketching him but couldn't find time this week to do it good... Glad I didn't get to it cause I couldn't beat yours! :)

lorig said...

beautiful images both the drawing and the photo. I am enjoying the story that is developing.

Margaret said...

Your artwork is fab! and what an intriguing story... M

Darcy said...

Great sketch, I love the contrast between the two cards, nice gentle development in the story too.

Doone said...

spat MY TEA out laughing, FAbulous Dhalink, fabulous, your story is totally engaing and entertaining, the sketch is very very lovely


My Heart Exposed said...

beautiful artwork, love your sketch so much detail!

Jay said...

love the statue idea, i toyed with that idea as well.

Tracey said...

Ooooooo a romance with a married woman, scandal indeed but will Anthony put a stop to it ???? I chose Christ the redeemer too, love the ethereal quality of your version and the london postcard is a clever contrast xxx

gottahavemoxie said...

That's a beautiful sketch. Great Job!

Joanna said...

Super drawing on your postcard, well done!

Steph said...

I love the statue, sketch!!! I have always wanted to see this amazing statue in person. I would not want to go to Brazil to see it though.

NatashaMay said...

Great sketch! Loved reading the story. :)

Manon said...

Ooooh I saw this gorgeous drawing somewhere else, I think? I hope I am not commenting twice lol otherwise you can take me away lol

mags21 said...

a great postcard. enjoying your storyline, will be back next week, for the next instalment!

Jamie Lynn said...

um, just wandering if WOW is a good enough word?

Love all of it!