Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Here is my desk this week! Not a lot on it as I have had to knit more chickens (for my 2 grandsons and my daughter), I did make the white canvas and cut out a template.

Here is the canvas, this was so hard to photogragh! It has lots of Rock Candy crackle paint and silver rub and buff on it! The flowers are cut from hand made paper with Tims tattered flowers dipped into UTTE, the middles have dazzles in them.

Last week I showed what is to the right of my desk, this is what is to the right! the wooden cubes have papers,books andin the cupboard are 'naked things' waiting to be papered, painted and grunged in various ways! (I would open it but everything would fall out!) on the top more papers 12x12 and boxes of chipboard letters. Next to the cubes is a trolly, on the bottom mags, the Ikea drawers have stamps and inkpads in them.

Storage jars have lots of 'bits' in them (buttons, feathers,beads, eyelets lots of odds and ends I can't bear to part with!

The othe side of the window more storage cubes draws have tins, empty ribbon rolls,bits of material, postcards, old photos and images. Boxes more of the same.

This trolly has my guillotine on it, the wire drawers have tools in them, more art bin boxes with paper in them. The drawers to the left have white card, acetate, canvas paper, shrink paper and watercolour paper in it.

Well thats me for this week!

Thanks for looking and if you want to join in or have a look at some more pop over to Julia's HERE , there is always something yummy to look at!

Friday, 22 July 2011

2 More Chooks!

Meet 2 more chooks I have knitted! These are rather funky ones!
The green one (think Inka gold green) is sparkly!

And this little lady is very 'furry' she does have eyes which in real life are easy to see!

I just had to try other yarns that I had, (they take less than 50g to make for the body), I still have a few different sorts of wool left so I may have to knit some more!

I think my house will be over run with chickens soon!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chick, Chick, Chick, Chick, Chicken Lay a Little Egg for Me!

Last week when I was blog hopping courtesy of all the great people that show their work spaces on WOYWW I came across some knitted chickens on one of them. I left a comment on the blog and a lovely lady called Famfa very kindly said she would send me details of how to knit them!
Well yesterday she visited my blog, we exchanged e mails and later that day Famfa send me instructions and I just had to make one!
So here she is (or is it a he)! I love it and I think I will make some more! Maybe funky ones with bright combs and tails!
I think they would look great on a dresser in the kitchen or as I don't have one I will put them on my pantry shelves, (sure to make me smile everytime I go in there!)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Wednesday just keeps coming quicker and quicker! I know it doesn't really but it seems too!
Well as you can see my desk is not that different from last week so I thought I would show 'the wider picture'! This proved to be quite difficult as my room is only about 7 ft wide and I couldn't go back far enough to get it all in!

So I went back as far as I could for this shot but you can't see that much more!

This one was taken with the camera up against the opposite wall!

The dresser is really meant just for display but as you can see some cups of brushes, pens and crayons have crept into the space too!

I couldn't get the whole run of the wall in (about 9ft) but there is not much the other side of the desk only a table which my lamp, iron and a large box full of paper, mainly tissue and a 12x12 paper storage folder is on.

So thats me for this week! If you want to see more or share your work space go HERE to be wizzed over to Julia's place!

Happy WOYWW, thanks for popping by!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Here is my desk for this week! Lots of half finished stuff as usual!

A closer look at the right hand side of my desk. Lots piled up on top of each other waiting for 'the finishing touches!' Right at the top, the backing from a felt sticker which I used as a mask on my journal page.

Here is the journal page I was working on, it is quite a bit brighter in real life. Her wings look white but they are very shimmery!

If you want to join in and show your desk or have a nosey at lots of others hop over to Julia's HERE.

Have a fun day!

Aged Metal Tape Hanging.

This hanging is made from the metal tape you can get at the DIY shops (mine was acquired from my hubby, just hope he doesn't need any at work this week cos I still have the little bit that is left in my studio!)
I was watching a lovely lady on U Stream called RachO113 who gave me the idea for this piece.

The first layer is just the back board from an old pad of paper, to this you add chipboard words, die cuts, sequin waste whatever you want really.
Over this just add the metal tape in small pieces in a random patchwork way, it doesn't mater if some overlap. When completely covered go around each letter/embellishments with a paper stump and an embossing tool, along all the 'seams' of tape make 'stitch marks' with a pointy tool.
Cover the WHOLE thing in black acrylic paint, wait a few seconds then start to wipe off with tissue, the amount you wipe off is up to your own personal taste and the look you are going for.
When dry (this really doesn't take long at all) apply a couple of colours of rub and buff or inka gold to give it more depth and sand in places where you want to have the silver show through.

A little closer, you can just about see the 'stitching' in places. This is more prominent in real life as are the two colours of r&b and inka gold (blue and green) I used.
I didn't have an ornate die cut (top and bottom) so I used a brought felt border (which I cut through the middle) although it was a bit 'squidgy' under the metal tape it gives a wrought iron look that has been painted a lot over the years, cool!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


It's Wednesday again! This is my desk for this week! I have been quite busy! The 2 things on my desk are not finished yet!

This 'book' started life as a carrier bag (snaffled from my daughter while helping her move at the weekend, 'what do you want that tatty old thing for Mum?') well thats why! Inside (I'll share when it is finished) are pages and pockets waiting to be worked on.

I thought I would share (rather shamefully) my ribbons, large basket full of reels and cards and a massive bundle of messy gorgeous ribbons! I have tried to sort them and as soon as I use any this is what happens! I have seen some of how you store your ribbons but for me this works, not pretty but I am a rummager!

If you want to see more desks or put me to shame showing how you store your ribbons beautifully then pop over to Julias HERE.

Have a great WOYWW and thanks for coming to see me!