Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Aged Metal Tape Hanging.

This hanging is made from the metal tape you can get at the DIY shops (mine was acquired from my hubby, just hope he doesn't need any at work this week cos I still have the little bit that is left in my studio!)
I was watching a lovely lady on U Stream called RachO113 who gave me the idea for this piece.

The first layer is just the back board from an old pad of paper, to this you add chipboard words, die cuts, sequin waste whatever you want really.
Over this just add the metal tape in small pieces in a random patchwork way, it doesn't mater if some overlap. When completely covered go around each letter/embellishments with a paper stump and an embossing tool, along all the 'seams' of tape make 'stitch marks' with a pointy tool.
Cover the WHOLE thing in black acrylic paint, wait a few seconds then start to wipe off with tissue, the amount you wipe off is up to your own personal taste and the look you are going for.
When dry (this really doesn't take long at all) apply a couple of colours of rub and buff or inka gold to give it more depth and sand in places where you want to have the silver show through.

A little closer, you can just about see the 'stitching' in places. This is more prominent in real life as are the two colours of r&b and inka gold (blue and green) I used.
I didn't have an ornate die cut (top and bottom) so I used a brought felt border (which I cut through the middle) although it was a bit 'squidgy' under the metal tape it gives a wrought iron look that has been painted a lot over the years, cool!


Sid said...

The effect and aging is fantastic.....gorgeous piece !!

Angelnorth said...

Great effect on this! I love that aluminium tape, too (my local pound shop has it - gotta love it at that price!)

Rachelxx said...

Great piece of art work - it's really effective :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I spotted this when looking at your WOYWW post and just had to have a closer look - it's terrific. I've seen this technique done using TH alcohol inks but only using some cardboard shapes - yours is much more interesting. Rachel is one of my favourites on YouTube so I'll have to take a look at her demo too. Many thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #99