Wednesday, 28 September 2011

What a bad blogger! WOYWW and A Pink Glittery Tag!

I Don't Do 'Pink and Glittery'. This is a tag I made for 'The Stash Buster' competition on UK Stampers, I really don't do 'pink and glittery' but I did have loads of pink glitter (it must be at least 15 yrs old!) so I thought I would 'step out of my comfort zone' and have a go!
Well it started off well, I die cut all the flowers, dress form (painted it and attached all the trimmings) and decorated the tag, then it was glitter time! I covered all the flowers in 2 way glue and started to glitter tipping off the excess onto a peice of scrap paper, everything still going good until I started to pour the excess back into the pot, paper mid air nearly over pot and ACHOO the biggest sneeze ever!!! Think pink glittery mushroom cloud! I swear it was all in slow motion, I watched as the glitter came down, I was covered, the desk, the floor all had a pink glitter haze about them!
Well need I say I was not pleased, it took an age to clear up!
That night we had pink glittery tagliatelle with meatballs for dinner, the stairs, lounge, bathroom all looked like they had been visited by a fairy and everytime I moved I spread a little more around, even my hubby and son didn't get away without having a little bit of sparkle on them!


On my desk is a whole load of Hearty clay pieces, mostly faces, a few buttons and a mans chest! Why so many? Because I have learnt from experience that if I don't use it all at once I'll forget about it and it dries out!

This is one of a pair of earrings I found in a little second hand shop.

And here is what I did with it! It is a book mark. (sorry about the shine, too loads of photos, this was the best one!)

Thanks for looking, if you want to see more or join in click HERE and you will be taken to Julia's!


Sid said...

Fab card, great desk !!

Helen said...

Your pink glittery fairy is gorgeous - bet you'll be finding glitter for weeks - you know what it's like!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I snorted tea out of my nose when I read the glitter story - lolol!!! Just the sort of thing that would happen to me! You'll be finding it for weeks... hugs, LLJ xx

Darcy said...

sorry had to laugh at your pink glitter story. it happens to me all the time, I am not a glittery person, maybe thats why I always get covered in it. Great bookmark.

Shoshi said...

Oh no!! Sneezing and glitter! I really laughed at that. You'll never get rid of it. Your whole house and family will be covered for weeks!!! Love the clay bits. I've been making things from Friendly Plastic pellets this week - pic on my blog. Fun, isn't it! Happy WOYWW.

Effie said...

That's a fab tag!

Angelnorth said...

Great glittery tag, sorry about the sneeze! Your clay pieces look great and very creative use of an earring!

Ann B said...

I like your Hearty clay pieces and know just what you mean about leaving stuff until it dries out. I bought some Cloud clay in black that looks very similar and opened it last week - must get down to using it or it will go off.
Also liking the names book in your previous post.

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I've discovered some unbranded FP pellets on Ebay which are cheaper, if you are thinking of trying them. FP pellets are the greatest fun and I can certainly recommend it. There's always plenty of shopping to be done, isn't there!

karen said...

Hi! Just popping by to say I am having a giveaway and would love for you to enter! I will try and pop back later for a proper look but want to invite all the wonderful WOYWWers for a chance to win!
xoxo Karen

karen said...

Hi again, I made it back! And I am glad I did because there is so much fabulous going on here, I had to become a follower!
I love your tag and the story of the pink glitter sneeze! Sorry it had to happen to you but it is a great story!
xoxo Karen