Thursday, 2 December 2010

Just Typical!

I only used this georgous birdy from Tim Holtz yesterday on this pendant I made! Then I find out this morning Tim has used it on his #2 Christmas tag! (Another improvise come on then!)
The pendant is one of the wooden hearts I have been making Christmas decs from (I pulled out the string and added an 'eye' screwy thingy in the top). Stamped a flourish from Paper Artsy in black archival on the left side and added the bird and the flower with silicon, the key is just free on the throng.
Attached on the bottom with another 'eye' thingy is 3 small and 1 larger crystal beads.
Around the edge of the heart I rubbed a small amount of Incagold in green.

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

great necklace.. I found a similair bird brooch in primark for £1 a couple of months ago and made some utee copies of it.