Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Really messy desk this week, just mess nothing else, mess on , under and in (the drawers)!
Bad arthritis this week can't hold an inkpad or a stamp so not much art done this week! I hope all you who play along have had a better week than me. To share pop over to Julia's click here and show your creative space!


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

That's not a mess just a little old desk waiting for some creativeness. Hope you will feel well enough to craft this week.


mckinkle said...

Hope your pain eases asap. Its no fun.

Your desk looks perfect, just waiting for you to sit at and have a play! Love your storage too!

Keryn x

Cath Wilson said...

Whey! My type of desk - you and I would get on well, lol. Love your workspace. Hope the arthritis eases - I know that feeling only too well and it's frustrating!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can totally relate to the arthritis. I always laugh when people HAND sew anything. I can't hold an ink pen much of the time, so a needle would put me in tears. I hope your pain subsides soon. Is it affected by the weather?

Sue said...

fabulous creative space, hope the arthritis eases up soon, have great day, sue,x

Linda Elbourne said...

I hope your pain eases soon ... that must also be very frustrating ... the desk looks like it is ready and waiting for a quick come back though X

Julia Dunnit said...

Doesn't look like mess to me, although I'm sorry that you haven't had much use from your desk this week - your bunting is looking fab though, hope your pain eases and you can get back to a few more metres of it very soon. Ar you a lacemaker as well?

Kaz said...

That's a lovely bit of storage at the back of your desk. I hope your pain eases off so you can get back to some crafting xx

Spyder said...

Love the bunting, and a very tidy desk, hope you're feeling better soon
Have a crafty WOYWW

wej said...

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Anonymous said...

My kinda desk Lynn! Hope the arthritis improves & you can craft again soon xx

Wipso said...

Sorry I'm late calling in this week. I'm having a really manic week and even had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62mile round trip :-)].
Sorry to hear your arthritis is bad this week. Mine is too so maybe its the waether.
A x

chrissy xx said...

Hope your feeling bit better today.
Great desk. Love your bunting.

Doone said...

it's no fun when the pain strikes is it - and doubly frustrating if you have things to do - hope is settles soon

in the meantime - do you need someone to come and use your desk and stash so it doesn't sieze up whilst waiting for your good health to return?

JoZart said...

But we LIKE mess! It's a well stocked, well organised mess waiting to be used.

Tracey said...

your desk is just creative chaos. I love your bunting.
sorry this is late Tracey

Nikki said...

Your desk looks like such a flurry of activity :) hope your feeling better soon
hugs Nikki

angeleef said...

Looks like you've got a BIG desk seeing all that stuff at the back. Seen your book too and it is gorgeous!
Have a nice day
** Evi **