Friday, 28 January 2011

Been Messy again!

Sorry for the naff photos! (These are SO much darker, richer, lusher in real life).
I have been playing again today! Dyan Reaveley showed on her blog a day or so ago a great technique so I thought I would have a go!
I don't have any of her Dylusions so I used Ranger Adirondack colour wash sprays instead.
Dyan explains it so well I am not going to.
But I did have great fun!
The only thing I did different was some inking through a stencil in a couple of places where I thought it needed it (the numbers on the right side and the dots under the set of masks)
On the next one I used it on the top set of masks, (the middle one didn't come out at all). I will try and get a better photo tomorrow!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Old Papers?

Over on UK Stampers we have been talking about our old papers, do we still like/stroke them or if we have some that we really would never use what would we do with them?
Above are some of my papers that I know I would not use as they are (not that there is any thing wrong with them) so I decided to 'alter' them and here is the results!

Here are the papers in the same order after they have been inked, spritzed and screwed up!
Much more useable for my taste.

Here are the tags I made from them. (Silly me didn't put them in the same order) The 1st is paper no 3, 2nd tag is no 2. 3rd tag is no 5.

The 4th tag is no 6 paper and the 5th tag is no 1 paper.
You may have noticed that there are only 5 tags and 6 papers well I had a little accident with paper no 4 I spilt a cup of tea all over my desk when the phone rang and made me jump and the tag got completely ruined! Oh well never mind I had a fun afternoon!


Wednesday is here again!
Well the desk has kept quite tidy this week (and I have used it every day!) Just the stuff that seems to 'live' on the desk with just a few extras! This is a work in progress. I had a great book for Christmas, Layered, Tattered and Stitched by Ruth Rae, it is so inspirational! Not sure what this will turn out as as yet (maybe a book or a hanging, mmm not sure yet), the background is a tag which I have distressed into an inch of it's life, I crumpled and soaked and spritzed and inked and stamped(Tims wings and text) and waxed it! The girl stamp is from The Queens Dresser Drawers and the quote is Tims 'it's never too late to find out who you want to be' which I stamped onto silver tape/card, around the edge I used a TSS wheel.
If you want to see more desks click HERE to be transported to Julia's blog!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Weekly Journal Challenge. 4

This weeks Journal Challenge on UK Stampers Efemera set us the challenge of remembering the sweets we used to love when we were little, (such a long time ago!) The 'recipe' was 5 kinds of sweets, where we brought them and a wrapper (I didn't have one so I cheated).
Well the only stamping that went on this week was words around the edges, the title and the stamping of my feet when I was trying to remember the names of some of the sweets that I shared some happy moments with!
The Kalli Fish cut free hand from card I had painted as near to the colours as I remember and then applied rock candy over the top. When dry I used pencils to add details. The paper bag was also cut free hand.
The jar I cut from acetate, black card for the lid, the sherbet painted and just a smudge of glitter.
The Mo-Jo wrapper (I didn't have a REAL one so I made one from paper (I melted wax over it cos thats what the felt like).
The background paper is some HOTP paper from way back (baby I think, it has tiny hearts on it in pastel shades), after everything was adhered to it I went around the shapes with aqua colour pencils and a water brush, I also coloured over the 'sweets' in the same colours.

What sweets can you remember from your childhood? Did you have Kalli fish or Mo-Jo's? I think every body had rainbow sherbet, did you eat it by sticking your finger in the bag about a hundred times, leaving a lovely stained finger and a sore tongue when you had finished?
Can you remember Spangles, Sugar Mice, Opal Mints and when Starburst were called Opal Fruits and tasted oh so nicer than they do now?
Most of my sweets were brought on the way to or home from school from a lovely little shop called 'The Coffee Tavern' have no idea why it was called that though maybe it was a cafe before I went in there!
So many memories........ can you imagine how much 8 chews (which I got for 1 old penny) would cost these days?

Memo Pad/ Shopping Lists

I made this clip thingy to go in my pantry to jot down any items needing replacing.
A wooden peg painted is the clip and I attached a few bits to it using silicon glue!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


WOW look at all that space!!! Yes I have a bigger (than a 6 inch square) place to create! It is so nice to be able to spr e a d out a bit! So after I had tidied up I had a littl play (well it would be rude not to now I have the space)! If you want to see more or show us your desk pop over to see Julia on her blog!

Just a couple of creations using distress inks and the 'bleaching out' method and using distress inks to 'water colour' parts of it.

A couple of tags!

And a canvas.
Lots of paint, aqua crayons and ink for the background. A wooden heart, grunge paper rose, glass adornment, texture paint, mica, tissue tape and a couple of stickers!

My Heart Nuts.

Remember my heart nuts? Well I have finally filled them with glossy accents, (I let them dry out for a few weeks) and have made one of them into a pendant!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Weekly Journal Challenge.

This weeks journal challenge from Efemera on UK Stampers is School days. The 'recipe' for this week is 10 random things, use lined paper, add ink blots and doodle in the margin.
Well here is mine!
I did get that comment from some of the teachers, yes I did get ink spodges and smudges on my pages and yes I really did fall over during a fashion show wearing a very short pinafore dress I had made and yes it was in front of the hottest boy in the school and yes I did go very red when he helped me up!
Those were the days!

This the front of my journal, it's not quite finished, its too 'clean' for me but I am sure it won't remain that way for much longer!!!

Here is last weeks. The Best and Worst gift. The 'recipe' recycled packaging, made background.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Wednesday has rolled around again! This is my desk this week! Not much room to work (as usual) but at least it is all easy to move!
In the little coloured plastic boxes are all my jump rings, eye pins and flathead pins etc (got them for 44p each from hobbycraft).
Ok I tried to get in the whole run of one wall but my room is not wide enough for me to be able to. On the other end of my desk (left) is a stack of 'cubes' (3 in total 1 for papers (in storage folders that havent seen the light of day for a few years! 1 book shelf and 1 cupboard full of 'blanks' books, tins, anything naked) on top of the cubes is a stack of paper which I use.
Desk is in the middle, then my dresser which is full of made projects and a bit of an overflow of pencils in cups, in the drawers and cupboards there is more stash!
Go over to Julia's place at The Stamping Ground Blog and show us your work space!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


But true!
I cut open this pepper and inside was a baby attached to the inside! I have never seen this before so I had to share!

And the next day I cracked open a wallnut and there was this heart!
Sorry about the rubbish photos but I wanted to share!

Weekly Journal Challenge.

This is my first Weekly Journal Challenge page. Over on UK StampersUKStamper Efemera has set us a weekly challenge to make a journal page using a 'recipie'. This week it was to make a background, list 3 goals for 2011 and use a photo. Here is the link UKStampers art journal challenge .
Not sure I will be able to keep my goals but I will do my best.