Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Not So Bright Idea Fairy!

Why not so bright fairy? Cos her head is made from a blown light bulb!
Her face is part of a collage stamp from Stampotique using black Archival and coloured on the back with pencil crayons for a subtle look.
Wings are Tim Holtz cut from thin black card and paper (which was scrunched and covered in mica sprays in oranges and pinks.
The body is 4 corks of various sizes (picked up by my other half from various pubs/clubs while working on their air cons or ice machines as we don't drink, poor man they must think he's married to a weirdo when he asks for corks, bottle tops and beer mats!!!!)
Skirt is a flower with the middle cut out to fit around the cork and the top is Zooms by Stamp Galaxy.
Her hair is another 'find' by my other half 3 long springy things (not sure where they are from). These I wired together leaving ends for a fringe which I twisted around a pin.
Every thing was stuck together with silicon glue.

Monday, 24 May 2010

One Photo Album

While I was at LB Crafts back in January I found this wooden album, (it was just plain wood, hinged front with some pages in it).
I wanted to make a special album for just one photo, a family picture when all of us get together this weekend.
So I took the album apart took the pages out and covered the back and front in the same brown dotty paper (7 Gypsies) and the inside in a duck egg blue with a swirly pattern.
Then came the fun bit deciding what to put on the front!
Small canvases, Tims fragments, a key, the no 7, a frame, sticky backed canvas, stampbord and a knob were inked and painted, stamped and distress stickled!
The edges I painted with brown acrylic.
All the little works of art mean something to someone in the family.
Now I can't wait for the weekend to get it finished with 'The Family Portrait!'

Friday, 21 May 2010


I have been making flowers!
The flowers were cut from Tim Holtz alterations tattered florals die from Sizzix. (And I had to buy a Big Shot to use it as I only had the original red sizzix and I swore I would never need/want another die cutting machine ever!)
The pale flower is tissue paper, the pinky ones are some old papers I didn't really like sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer sprays and the darkest flowers are leather.
The background is another paper, metal, paint and inked to within an inch of its life. (I was always 'too scared' to layer to much on my backgrounds but now I'm having such fun putting on loads!!!)
The metal plaque is a sizzix embossing folder whiched I stamped with on of Tims stamps in black archival.
I have made so many flowers they are stuck up all around my craft studio (or 'making room' as my Grandson calls it). Well it would be rude not to use the die as much as possible wouldn't it!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Little Fairy

This poor little fairy was once just a body! It is an old clay dolly she had no legs or arms and quite a scary face. Bless!
She now has cotton reels for legs and bone 'weights' (I think thats what they are) for lace making for arms, folded flower petals make her hair. I made her a dress from some old silk and lace and her wing are stamped fusible film 'sunkissed'.

Is There Any Hope?

Is there any hope?
This canvas was made when I was feeling really low one day. I scratched the words 'Is there any hope?' into the wax just at the bottom of the little girls feet. Not many people know that I have Agrophobia and I have not been out on my own for over 10 years! Sometimes I feel ok enough to go out with my husband but not always, so far this year I have been out 15 times which is a lot for me!
Anyway back to the canvas.
The little girl is a photocopy tranfered onto sticky tape. (She looks grumpy, just how I was feeling that day!Cos I wanted to be 'normal' and go to the classes lots of my forum friends were doing, I was so envious everyone was having so much fun!)The background is lots of paint, inks and paper, waxed, overstamped and gilded to within an inch of its life! The butterfly (La Blanche) is glittered with stickles and waxed.
Oh well maybe one day!

A canvas.

During the last 9 months I have been making rather a lot of things which have sayings on them.
Most of the sayings are what felt relivent to me at the time (and still do).
This canvas has a background of papers and metal (embossed with an embossing folder) and lots of Cosmic Shimmer mists over the top!
The little angel is slide glass with a collage sandwiched between the edges are silver tape cut in strips, the wings are stamped (la Blanche) onto metal (TSS) and puffed from the back as before.
The head is a bottle top with a rub on in it (La Blanche), the crown was hand drawn onto meteal and puffed out as before. These were stuck together as on piece and attached with a chain to the canvas so it 'moves'.

Little Black Box

I might not have blogged over the last 9 months but I have been creating!
This was a plain wooden box I got from a friend who said 'can you do something with this?'
So after painting the whole box black inside and out, I stamped the dragonfly (Stampers Anonymous) onto a piece of silver metal (ten second studio) with black Archival and dried with a heatgun. I then traced over all the outline. to 'puff' out the wings and body turn the piece over and using a paper stump gently rub over the area until the required puffiness has been reached.
As it was just a small area I had puffed I filled it with silicon, bigger areas need lightweight filler.
Then I covered the whole piece with black paint and buffed off.
The back was left to dry completely before adhering to the box with a strong double sided sheet of sticky tape.

Monday, 10 May 2010

A Gook Luck card

I don't usually make many cards but my daughter was going for an interveiw at a Uni and was a bit nervous so I thought I make her this for luck.
The card is a 6''X6'' white card the front I covered in 7 Gypsies pink strippy paper and over stamped with a corner swirly stamp from La Blanche in pink.
The flower I made from vintage materials and lace (brought from various secondhand shops, markets etc). The base layer is handmade lace cut from a large table covering, other layers are made up from old silk, netting and ribbons. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th layers are cut into flower shapes (I just used a 6 petal hand drawn template) from the silk and netting and then these 5 layers are sewn together.
(I got the idea from a flower brooch on Roben-Marie Smiths blog Every Life Has a Story (sorry don't know how to do a link) called Shabby flower).
I changed the middle to just the ribbons and added an old button from my Nans button tin.
On the back I added a brooch back and attached it to the card with a glue dot.
I was really happy with it and by using silk and netting it was light and very fluffy and sat well on even the lightest of tops.
It did bring her luck! My daughter got her Uni place!
OMG I really can't believe it has been 9 months since I last posted on here! Life (or should I say lack of it) just gets in the way sometimes! Oh well I'm feeling a lot better now so hopefully I will be blogging more often now!